Hired A Janitorial Service Edmonton Area Has To Clean My Office

I have an office building that I work from and I was tired from working all day and didn’t want to clean it. There were several different things that needed done to keep it clean and I just didn’t have the time for all of it. Since I was starting to rake in money with the insurance I was selling and even hired another agent with my company, I decided I could spend some money getting it cleaned by someone. I wasn’t sure who to hire and I started searching around for a good janitorial service Edmonton had around.

I went online and searched for janitorial service Edmonton. I looked to see if there were any reviews for the companies I found. I found some ratings and reviews about these companies and decided to give them a call to see what each one of them charged for the cleaning I needed done. I told them what I wanted cleaned and how often and got quotes from all of these places. But before hiring any of them, I wanted to check on Facebook to see if I could find anything out from others that would know about their services. I wanted to make sure that I was hiring a trustworthy and reputable company.

My post was on Facebook for a few hours when I finally started getting some responses from my friends. I read what they had to say and thanked them for their responses. I was able to get a better idea of who I wanted to hire.

After that, I called back the company that I chose to hire and told them when I wanted them to start. They told me the times they would be available for cleaning and it worked out perfectly. They were able clean my office after we closed a few times a week. So far, they have done a wonderful job and have met my expectations. Since they are only coming a few nights a week, their prices really aren’t that bad. I have been happy with everything they have done for me and told them that if they ever needed to provide a reference for their work that they could use me. I would recommend them to anyone looking to hire a janitorial service and I’m happy I found them when I did.